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Tanbir Khasru
Excellent services
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Excellent services from them. Whenever I need help with anything related to their process they are fully supportive. Their service is on time and strongly committed to their duties.
Shad Shakib
They are super fast and very…
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They are super fast and very cooperative. Helped me on every single steps.
Shahadat Hossan
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Excellent customer service. Was very friendly and patient. He was very helpful and answered all my questions concerning my Service.
Super Fast Service!!
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Super Fast Service!!! I got all the documents within 1 business day. They were very helpful throughout the process. Highly Recommended!!!
A H M Kamal
Best of Luck
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Hello everyone, if you think open LLC formation, EIN Registration, US Bank account opening then you can choose this company. They are very efficient and very short time provide all documents.
How It Works

Start your business in 3 simple steps

With Rocket Wave’s user-friendly web application, forming a US LLC is a breeze. We take care of everything, from paperwork to delivering all necessary documents, ensuring a smooth and easy path to grow your business.
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Choose Your Business Name

All great businesses start with an idea and a suitable name. Once you have that, choose your business type—whether you want to form an LLC or C-Corp—and fill in the details in our interactive dashboard. It's that simple!

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Select Your Preferred US State

Since compliance, regulations, and fees vary by state, weighing each option's pros and cons is essential. If you're unsure, our expert team is here to help you decide which state is best for your business

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Easy Onboarding & Hassle-free Process

Our streamlined process ensures a smooth and swift onboarding experience, allowing you to focus on what matters most – building your dreams. From our dashboard, you can easily access all your required business documents and manage your annual compliances.

Why Rocket Wave

With so many options out there, Rocket Wave sets itself apart by focusing on two key principles: simplicity and transparency.
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No Hidden Charges

At Rocket Wave, we believe in maintaining complete transparency. Our affordable pricing ensures you can focus on launching your business without worrying about hidden costs.

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Total Compliance

We ensure and handle total compliance of your business with all regulations and laws, promoting ethical operations, mitigating risks, and establishing trust and credibility.

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Tailored Services

We understand that every business is unique. Rocket Wave offers personalized one-on-one business consultancy and provides customized services based on your business size, needs, and type.

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Our Packages

Starts at as low as $197 + State Fees to form your US LLC

We offer top-notch services at the lowest prices. We believe in minimizing costs so you can maximize your business success.
ServicesRocket WaveDoolaFirstbaseInc.fileLegal Zoom
US Business Formation197+ State fees297+ State fees399+ State fees199+ state fees249+ State fees
EIN & Operating Agreement
Free Registered Agent Service for 1 year
Expedited filing
US Bank Setup Assistance
Stripe/Paypal account support
Free unlimited mail forwarding for 1 year
24/7 Customer support

Embark on Your Entrepreneurial Journey with Confidence🚀

Starting a business is like launching a rocket; the first step is crucial. We ensure your idea takes off smoothly and reaches new heights! Discover Our Full Range of US Business Solutions.
Company Registration

Company Registration

Simplify your US company registration with Rocket Wave. Establish your business as an LLC or C-Corp in Wyoming, Texas, Delaware, or Florida

EIN Application

EIN Application

Ensure smooth operations with a U.S. business Employer Identification Number (EIN). Essential for tax reporting, banking, opening payment gateways, and more.

Bank Account Setup

Bank Account Setup

Secure a U.S. online bank account in just 7-10 business days. Receive debit cards, get paid by vendors, and simplify global transactions.

Payment Gateway Setup

Payment Gateway Setup

Streamline your global business with assistance in applying for popular payment gateways like Stripe, PayPal, Square, Payoneer, etc.

ITIN Application Process

ITIN Application Process

Apply for an ITIN (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number) through Rocket Wave. Open a U.S. personal bank account, file taxes, and use personal PayPal seamlessly.

Federal Tax Filing

Federal Tax Filing

Navigate federal taxes effortlessly with our expert guidance. Stay informed on deadlines and regulations for your business compliance.

Trademark Registration

Trademark Registration

Protect your brand identity with our assistance with the trademark registration application process.

Reseller Permit

Reseller Permit

Obtain your reseller certificate to collect sales tax, get brand approvals, stay state sales tax compliant and optimize profit margins.

Sales Tax Return

Sales Tax Return

File annual reports and pay sales tax easily with Rocket Wave’s expert assistance. Stay updated with state regulations and deadlines

Our Commitment to You

100% Money-Back Guarantee

We take all the risks to ensure your company is registered and ready to function at full speed.
Our promise is straightforward: receive all the promised documents within the agreed timeframe, or get your money back in full. This guarantee aligns with our refund policies to give you peace of mind
Money Back Gurantee

Grow your business beyond borders

Choosing the right business structure for your company is crucial. Read the comparison to determine which is suitable for your business requirements.
FormationFormationSimpler, less paperworkMore complex, and requires filing articles of incorporation
OwnershipMembers (can be individuals, companies, or other LLCs)Shareholders (can be anyone)Shareholders (restrictions apply: U.S. citizens/residents, certain trusts, limited number
Liability ProtectionProtects owners' personal assets from business debtsProtects owners' personal assets from business debtsProtects owners' personal assets from business debts
TaxationPass-through entity: profits/losses pass through to owners' tax returnsDouble taxation: A corporation pays taxes on profits, and then owners pay taxes on dividendsPass-through entity (similar to LLC) if S-Corp election is made
ManagementManaged by members or managers as designated in the operating agreementManaged by a board of directors elected by shareholdersManaged by a board of directors elected by shareholders
Profit SharingProfits and losses can be shared flexibly among membersProfits distributed as dividends to shareholdersProfits are distributed as salaries (to S corporation shareholder-employees) and remaining profits are passed through to shareholders' tax returns
FormalitiesFewer formalities: less strict record-keeping and meeting requirementsMore formalities: required to hold annual meetings, maintain minutes, and follow corporate governance proceduresMore formalities than LLC, but less than C-Corp
FundraisingCan raise capital through member contributions or debt financingCan raise capital through issuing stock and debt financingCan raise capital through issuing a limited class of stock (restrictions apply)
Rewards and Resources
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We partner with renowned companies to provide exclusive rewards that will make you feel like an elite member in no time!
Frequently Asked Questions
Not at all! You can form an LLC (Limited Liability Company) or C-corp from almost anywhere* in the world with our team of experts! We work closely to ensure that every step is taken care of for you.
We understand how important your time is. That is why we tried to keep our onboarding as simple as possible. We only require:

  • Your contact information (i.e. Your name, email address, phone number etc.)
  • A name for your new US company
  • A photo ID (government-issued passport preffered)

  • That’s it we will take it from there and your new business will be registered in the US in your preferred state.
    We can start the process with any valid photo ID. However a government issued a passport is highly recommended as most banks only accepts passport for non-US citizens for KYC.
    This is a question that you have to ask yourself, and there are pros and cons both ways. Here we can give an insight into what might be best for your business in general terms:

  • An LLC is a fantastic option for new firms if you want liability protection and flexibility (minimal administrative upkeep, tax flexibility). LLCs are super simpler to establish and run.

  • A C Corporation is a fantastic option if you need to raise US venture capital or are in the process of doing so. In C Corporations shares can easily be sold and transferred as needed (to expand beyond one’s initial constraints).
  • If you are interested in forming an LLC then our recommendation would be to go with Wyoming. If are forming an C-Corp then we suggest you to chose Delaware.
    Almost all the states certainly require you to have a registered agent for your business. Even if your state does not require one, you should consider acquiring one. A registered agent is a responsible third party in the same state as the business who can receive service of process notices, letters from the Secretary of State, and other formal government notifications on behalf of the corporation or LLC, such as tax forms and notices of lawsuits.
    No. The Registered Agent service fee is included in the pricing for both Wyoming and Delaware company formation packages for the first year. After the complimentary first year, you will be responsible for all fees associated with maintaining your business.
    Yes, we will use the registered agent’s address as your company’s primary mailing address. You can use your business address to receive mail. All mail will be opened and scanned and uploaded to your mailbox. You can also ask for the mail to be forwarded to your physical location for a fee + the postage. However, you cannot receive parcels and packages.

    You can get a unique address for your business as well. You can opt to get a unique address at checkout.
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