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Last Updated: 06/05/2024

Refund Policy

All clients are required to read the Refund Policy before purchasing our services or claiming a refund. Anyone failing to do so will not be subjected to a refund.
Welcome to Rocket Wave Inc (‘Rocket Wave’, ‘the Company’, ‘we’, ‘us’, and ‘our’). Formally, we operate as Rocket Wave Inc. Our services are offered online, accessible through our website at , as well as through other communication channels like direct calls (‘Contact Numbers’ or ‘Mobile Numbers’ mentioned below and/or email (ending with ‘’) and also through in-person office visits (where also the onboarding process is completed online). The information provided on the Website is also considered part of our Services (which is not subjected to any ‘charges’, ‘fees’ and/or ‘subscription’.
The terms ‘user’, ‘you’, ‘your’, ‘visitor’, or ‘customer’ refer to anyone who has been, is currently, or may potentially become a customer of our Services, as well as anyone visiting our Website. Please read the ‘Terms of Services’ and ‘Privacy Policy’ before reading further in this Refund Policy section.
Get Your Money Back
With the help of our proficient customer support team, we have registered hundreds of businesses across the United States and guided founders through the entire process. If you have a problem with the service you received, please contact us directly at [email protected] or contact us directly. A customer service representative will be happy to do whatever it takes to resolve your issue. If we are unable to integrate the services confirmed or you choose to cancel the service ‘not completed’ within 7 days of purchase, we will refund 100% of the Rocket Wave fee you paid. Please note that only Rocket Wave fees are subjected to refund, all federal, state, and third-party fees associated with your non-refundable service application to the extent paid to you. In the case, where any fees to any or all federal, state, and third-party fees associated with your non-refundable service application are not paid when the refund is claimed, we will grant a ‘Full Refund’ and won’t be putting any charges other than applicable transaction fees.
Know If You Are Applicable For Refund
Rocket Wave can only refund our fee for issues we are directly responsible for or own control over. If you purchase another service/s from anyone else and later change your mind, we can’t issue a refund. Below you can find the cases where refunds are applicable:
1. Any request for refund or cancellation before registered agent services are issued, will be refunded deducting the ‘registered agent fees’ and any other expenses if applicable.
2. Any request after registration and before EIN has been applied for and/or IRS form SS4 has been faxed to IRS partial refund of 50% of Rocket Wave fees paid (excluding the registered agent fee) can be issued.
3. A refund can be issued in case of any misinformation provided by Rocket Wave and/or our customer support representatives (Only when supported and/or proven) a ‘Full Refund’ can be initiated.
Why You Cannot Get A Refund
1. A refund cannot be initiated if we submit the government any paperwork on your behalf, we cannot refund the filing fees.
2. The registered agent fee is non-refundable once issued for your business. As per the criteria of the US Department of States, your business will need a registered address in the state of Company Formation. The registered agent services are included in our fees and subjected to ‘No Refund’ once issued for your businesses.
3. In the case, where you purchase a product/s and/or service/s through us and/or our suggestion that is serviced by a third party, we cannot refund fees paid to those providers.
4. After receiving all declared services, if the services don’t align with your presumptuous and/or personal business goals, we cannot issue any refunds.
5. No refunds can be initiated if any banking or payment processing services do not approve your business. As these are all third-party organizations and we have no control over them, we can try alternative options and/or assist with the processes. We cannot and do not guarantee acceptance in any such third-party vendors.
6. If your business requires any additional services from us and/or any other organization to fulfill your business needs, necessarily. Either disclosed before or not, for any grudge or inconvenience we are not bound by any refunds issued to you for the previous services completed.
Future Changes In Refund Policy
We may change and revise these refund policies from time to time at our sole discretion. All changes are effective immediately when we post them and apply to all subsequent access and use of the Site. However, changes to the Governing Law and Arbitration regarding dispute resolution will not apply to actual notices received by the parties on/or before the date the changes are published on the site and/or prior to that.
Your continued use of this website after the date of the refund policy means that you accept and agree to these changes. You should check this page from time to time to take notice of any changes, as they are binding on you.
Your purchase of any services means you have read all our Terms of Services, Privacy Policy and above Refund Policies before getting onboard. Any refund claims out of the criteria/s will not be entertained.