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How to start an Amazon Private Label Business from Bangladesh?

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Amazon Private label is a great way to start your own eCommerce store. Having your own brand or label creates an identity for yourself that can drive large volumes of sales. Let’s dig step by step. 

Step 1: LLC formation

An LLC is a fantastic option for new firms if you want liability protection and flexibility. To form LLC you need to –

  • Select a State
  • Name your LLC
  • Choose a Registered Agent
  • File the Articles of Organization
  • Create an Operating Agreement 

Step 2: Getting an EIN for the business

So, as you have your LLC formed, You may apply for an EIN online. Getting an EIN immediately is easy if you have SSN. But, If you don’t have SSN – you must fax or mail in the proper documents and follow the next steps! 

Step 3: Opening a business Bank account

Getting a business checking account is easy if you have your Employer Identification Number or tax ID number. If not, we can still get one for you with fewer requirements than most banks require – check out our partners at https://mercury-banking company.

Step 4: Opening an Amazon Seller Account

To create an individual seller account, you have to go to then click sign up, and start providing – 

  • Your legal name, business name, and address
  • Government-issued ID
  • Contact information
  • A ‘ship from’ address
  • Bank Account Information
  • Tax identity information

& get finished with it. But remember you can set your business entity to sole proprietorship, Private Limited, or LLC (Limited Liability Company) and register your account. However, certain entities like LLCs would have financial and legal benefits over others.

Step 5: Applying for a Trademark

Let’s see how it’s done – 

  • The attorney will use a comprehensive USPTO database search and common law conflict search to find any marks that may be conflicting with your brand.
  • The attorney will file your federal trademark application and overturn any minor USPTO Office Actions for free.
  • Your application is being watched over by the attorneys at all times. They’re available to answer any questions you might have before or after filing!
  • You’ll receive a legal opinion on the odds of the success of your trademark via email, as well as any arguments that might be needed to overcome a major USPTO Office Action (researched, drafted, and filed by the attorney). 

Step 5: Brand Registry in Amazon

So, now as you have your trademark registered, you are eligible for the Brand Registry program on amazon. Go to the Amazon Brand Registry website, then –

  • The brand name, logo, and images for products must be provided to Amazon.
  • Trademark information must also be submitted.
  • Characteristics of your brand’s products
  • Seller and vendor information must be included.

After all of the required information is submitted, Amazon will verify the brand before it can start selling on its platform.

How Rocket Wave can help with their Amazon Private Label Package

Rocketwave will help you complete those 5 steps discussed above, and through our partners, we’ll provide…

  1. Protects Your Brand from Counterfeits
  2. Have Complete Control of Your Product Listings
  3. Take measures To Better Understand Your Customers
  4. Fulfill Your Orders with Amazon FBA
  5. Optimize Your Amazon Pricing
  6. not Just Resell, Brand Your Private Label Products
  7. Decide on Your Amazon Fulfillment Strategy

Which will take you to a higher profit margin for sure. Let’s get started!